March 25 2014, 10pm

I think I love you

3 years passed and I still think about you. What can I do? Everytime I see you I feel something incredible: happiness mixed with sadness. Happy to see you, sad because I know I can’t reach you. 
I think I love you and I love you in a particoular way, the love I feel for you I’ve never felt for others. It’s something extremely powerful.

You make my heart flutter. 

January 24 2014, 8pm

People need to stop trying to drag Lauren Faust to more brony conventions.


So today, Capper General and /MLP/ sent a message to Lauren Faust on twitter, offering up a bottle of 2003 Pinor Noir as a kicker to have her go to Babscon. Lauren declined politely as possible, stating that she doesn’t believe she has anything else relevant to add to all of the conversations, statements, and commentary she’s made over the years on the subject.

Which is honestly the reaction I would have expected, because honestly- why are these folks attempting to coax her into another brony convention?

(Inserting a read more here, because I’ve got a lot to say- please read and reblog if you have time.)

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I absolutely agree